We have committed to helping those interested! We want to meet the needs of those who want to take the difficult road of choices that need to be made in order to have a healthy life. Starting October 1, 2018, order the vegetables and fruits you want to purchase at an email address we’ll be making available to you in the upcoming days. All products are fresh and qualitative and will be purchased from our partners. We will wash them using Scallo-P and pack them. You can pick them up the next day, clean, without wax, without pesticides. It’s simple and clean. We will be back with details. We will enter the market with a new type of jam, made of 100% natural fruits, washed with Scallo-P. The jam we offer will be preservative free, sugar free, will contain no pesticide residues or other chemicals, and no wax. The product will be manufactured in Romania by our partners. It will be a new, innovative product that will bring more value to the concept of 100% natural: it will be 100% natural, but also cleaner and therefore healthier.

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20th April - 19th May